Ed Boaden

I am an interface designer at Bleep in London.

I craft engaging digital products – working across user experience, interaction and visual design as well as front end development. I am primarily focussed on web-based products, building responsive applications that deliver seamless user experiences across a range of devices.

My background is in industrial design, where I studied user-centered design and human-computer interactions. I designed consumer electronics and lighting in London and Beijing before gravitating towards digital design.

Past projects have included content management applications: ChilliVault and SohoSoHo, and websites for ChilliBean and Stockroom London. In my spare time I have built Tumblr themes and sites for my friends, like the one I did for the illustrator Rosie Roberts.

I tweet from @edboaden, post thoughts and inspiration on my Tumblr, share more inspiration on Pinterest and from time to time Dribbble. The build for this site can be viewed on GitHub.

Recent Work